2009 buffalo gold coin

2009 Buffalo Gold Coin for Sale

The 2009 gold buffalo coin, also known as the American Buffalo may come as a surprise to some that are seeking it to add to a collection. Recently, the going price for this coin was a modest $1.130.88. That price is for the uncirculated coin.

The 2009 gold buffalo coin that is certified as a MS69 is worth a whopping $1,165.86. Something every collector would love to have in their collection.

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The U.S. Mint was said to have suspended sales of the gold buffalo coin, because their supplies have been depleted, because of the rush, of everyone trying to grab them up at one time. The U.S. Mint, has issued a statement that the coin will however not be suspended. This coin could be expected to go even higher, as a result, either way, since any decision or questionable act, can make the price of a coin skyrocket.

Even though the coins show to be available at the U.S. Mint, there could be a delay in receiving the coin, because there is none currently in the inventory.

The U.S. Mint, has had a constant struggle trying to obtain sufficient blanks for the American Buffalo Coins. The 2009 Gold Buffalo bullion coin will be available starting on October 15, 2009. Because of the fact that these are bouillion coins, they are not sold directly to individuals, but will be sold to the authorized bouillon network through the U.S. Mint. There is expected to be a limit placed on exactly how many of these coins can be purchased by one person.