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Buying Gold has long been proven one of the safest ways to protect personal assets especially during times of economic instability. With gold prices steadily rising in the past years, investing in gold, especially gold coins, is one of the most effective and practical way for average Americans to protect their hard-earned money facing financial meltdowns today. Gold Buffalo coin is No.1 recommended option when it comes for Americans to buy gold Bullion coins.

American gold Buffalo coin, a.k.a Buffalo gold coin, is America's first 24-karat, pure gold Bullion coin released by the United States Mint for sale on June 22, 2006. With a fineness of 0.9999, the 1-oz gold coin has a legal tender (face) value of $50 U.S.Dollars. When you buy gold Buffalo coins, keep in mind that these Buffalo coins' weight, gold content and purity are guaranteed by the U.S. government, making them not only recognized as America's official investment-grade gold bullion, but widely accepted and traded all over the world. This allows you to sell gold Buffalo coins for cash easily should the need arise.

Gold Buffalo coin features a distinctive American Design. Based on American sculptor James Earle Fraser's famous Buffalo Nickel of 1913, the coin's obverse side portrays an Native American Chief. An image of the well-known American Bison appears on the reverse side of the coin. Beneath the Buffalo's head inscribed with the motto "In God We Trust."

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