2008 Buffalo Gold Coin for Sale

2008 Buffalo gold coin, same as 2006 Buffalo gold coin and 2007 Buffalo gold coin, contains 1 troy ounce of pure solid gold.

  • Brilliant Gold content guaranteed by the U.S. government: Each American Buffalo Gold Coin must contain one troy ounce of 24 Karat gold. The 2008 American Buffalo gold coins rank among the highest quality, purest gold coins you can own.
  • Classic Design: The American Buffalo gold coin features strikingly beautiful design, with the American Bison on one side, and an Indian Head on the other. Each coin has a legal tender face value of $50 with 1 OZ, .9999 Fine Gold, Liberty and In God We Trust inscribed on each coin.
  • Unmatched Quality: Since the inception, the American Buffalo gold coin series have been carefully created to combine classic elegance with uncompromising quality in coinage production.

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In 2008, fractional sizes of Buffalo gold coins were offered besides the standard 1 oz gold Buffalo coin, including 1/2 oz coin with $25 face value, 1/4 oz coin with $10 face value, and 1/10 oz coin with $5 face value. These gold Buffalo coins were offered both individually and as part of a four coin set containing one of each denomination. The fractional sized Buffalo coins were offered in both proof versions, and collectible uncirculated versoins bearing the “W” mint mark. The fractional versions of the Gold Buffalo were discontinued in 2009.