2012 Buffalo Gold Coins

The 2012 Buffalo Gold Coins are beautiful to behold; these coins are struck more than once so that they metal ends up offering sharply defined lines of the images on the coins.  What’s more, the coins’ finish looks like a high shine, frosty material and the unique striking process results in imagery that floats above the main body of the coin.  Struck in .9999 24 Karat Gold, 2012 Buffalo Gold Coins are sold in $50.00 denominations.  Fractional values are not offered.  The 2012 minting of these coins makes it the sixth year that the Buffalo Gold coins have been available.  Collectors will find the 2012 Buffalo Gold Proof Coin a highly desirable coin to add to their growing collection of valuable and beautiful coinage.

About the Buffalo Gold Proof Coin

The 2012 Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin became available to collectors in March of 2012; the release of the coin followed the considerable struggles that the US Mint faced when attempting to meet the ever increasing demands for gold coins and other precious metal items.    The Buffalo Gold Proof Coin maintains the same design as all the other coins in the series since the coin series began in 2006.  Every Buffalo Gold Proof Coin is cast with the use of special dies and it is struck several times to give the coin its beautiful surface appearance.  These coins cost about $1960.00 when first offered and were at one time offered at $1860.00 per coin as a lowest price point during the initial public offering of the 2012 Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin.  There is no maximum set on how many of the Buffalo Gold Proof Coins a collector or investor can buy.

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Obverse and Reverse Depictions

The 2012 Buffalo Gold Coins originate from US mints and on the obverse side of the coin you’ll find the coin denomination, the metal type, the purity, the coin weight, the motto, and an image of the American Buffalo.  The reverse sides of the 2012 Buffalo Gold Coins sport a Native American profile.  Both images are drawn from the images one would see on an Indian Head Nickel from the early 1900s.  The images are made by the same artist, James Earle Fraser.  The Native American on the front of the coin is not one person, but three, all of which modeled for the coin artist.  The bison on the  in the image was housed in a New York Zoo at the time and the artist had to have the animal distracted as he snuck up on it to capture its image.

About the Coins’ Initial Pricing

The 2012 Buffalo Gold Coins are 32.7 mm in diameter, 2.95 mm in thickness and they weigh 1 ounce.  The coins are crafted out of .9999 pure gold and the edge of the coin is reeded or ridged.  The 2012 Buffalo Gold Coins carry the same imagery as is found on all Buffalo Gold Coins released since 2006.  Initially, when sales began the coin was priced at just over $1900 a coin and the price was determined by figuring the average price of gold for the weeks prior to the official release of the 2012 buffalo gold coins.  There has been no limit set on the number of coins that will be minted and the coins will remain available to buyers through the remainder for the year. There may even be some of these coins offered and carried over into 2013.

Distribution and Availability

The 2012 Buffalo Gold Coins are part of a bullion program when they are bought by primary distributors, marked up by a specified percentage and then sold to the public, coin dealers, investors, and coin collectors.  The sales for these coins started a bit slow and there were 5500 coins sold on the day that the coins became available for sale.  This is comparable to 2011, where demand also started out slowly, but later grew as more collectors decided to invest in these fine coin selections.  Thus, beginning sales may be indicative of a serious interest for the coins just on the horizon, which could end up limiting coin availability.  It would be wise to invest in the coins while the interest is relatively mild and the price is low.