$50 Gold Buffalo

The $50 Gold Buffalo coin is available in three unique designs and styles for coin collectors interested in making such an investment. You can invest in a Gold Buffalo coin that is a proof version, an uncirculated version, or a bullion offering, and the coin is becoming a seriously popular option for investors and collectors because they have impressively designed features. These coins are skillfully crafted of 24 karat pure gold bullion and they are backed by the United States government in regard to their purity and authenticity.

The Gold Buffalo coin was originally created in the year 2006 and while it had a $50 face value, collector coins were selling for prices between $800.00 and $900.00. The coin is sometimes called the American Buffalo Coin, and the U.S. Congress passed a law in 2005 that allowed for the coin’s production with 24 karat gold as its content. The coin is symbolic of timeless art and unrivaled excellence in terms of coin production.

The $50 Gold Buffalo coin one ounce offering is crafted with a diameter of 1.287 inches, thereby presenting the collector with a generously wide coin with a design of unrivalled beauty. The reeded edge on the coin is masterfully designed and flawless. This coin has been designed based upon the art of James Earle Fraser, a well-known sculptor, and the coin has been inspired by the imagery that appears on the Buffalo nickel as well as the Indian Head nickel. If you want a Gold Buffalo coin from a coin dealer and you desire a proof version or uncirculated version of the coin, you can identify the proof coin by checking for the appearance of a “W” on the coin face. The latter marking is known as the “minter’s mark.” The bullion versions of the $50 Gold Buffalo offering are absent of such a marking.

The $50 Gold Buffalo coins possess the image of a Native American on the obverse side and a buffalo on the reverse side of the coin. The imagery is based upon the depictions first presented on the 1913 nickel Type 1, this same image appears on the 2001 commemorative silver dollar too. The Gold Buffalo coin however, is the most coveted coin of its kind, and collectors have found this coin has become a classic collector’s coin in the industry.

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