Buffalo Gold Coins – A Hard to Come By Artistic Design

Buffalo Gold coins are among the very first coinage offered by the US Mint that have pure gold in their makeup. This coin has been called by a number of different monikers including the American Buffalo coin, the gold Buffalo coin, and Buffalo gold coins; the nicknames are, of course, derived from the image presented on the coin’s backing which consists of a large buffalo standing upon a raised dirt mound. This coin has impressive artwork which has made the coin a true masterpiece in terms of its appearance, design, and appeal. Investors and coin collectors are often impressed by the impeccable, well defined lines, raised areas, and luster that such coins possess.

The image of the Buffalo that appears on the Buffalo Gold coinage was crafted based upon a bison named Black Diamond which originally resided in Central Park Zoo in New York City in the year 1910; the buffalo image later appeared on coinage in the year 1913. What’s even more fascinating is that the coin’s artist, James Earle Fraser, had to have help when drawing the buffalo representation. As the artist relied on a live bison for a model, another individual had to keep the attention of the bison maintained so that Fraser could view the profile of the bison and sketch it; this is the depiction that has come to appear on the Buffalo Gold coins as they are known today. This small tidbit of trivia can help investors and coin collectors come to truly appreciate the hard work, artistry and the incredible workmanship that is presented on every Buffalo gold coin for sale.

Of course, the obverse side of all Buffalo Gold coins also has a wonderful image which has a unique history too. When Fraser was creating the coin he used three different Indian chiefs as models and combined the attributes of the three men into the single, well recognized image that appears on the Buffalo Gold offerings today. Fraser successfully merged the facial characteristics of chiefs heralding from the Two Moons, the Big Tree, and the Iron Tail American Indian tribes for an unforgettable, artistic rendering.

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