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Buffalo Nickels minted from 1913 to 1938 is a classic in American design. Both the popular silver Buffalo and gold Buffalo coins are replica of the original Buffalo Nickel.

Designed by American Sculptor James Earle Fraser,student of the renowned Saint-Gaudens, Buffalo Nickel was the first coin that accurately portrays the Native American. It is believe that three Native Americans were the models for the Indian head nickel: Two Moons (Cheyenne) and Iron Tail (Sioux) and the unknown Indian chief who is said to be Big Tree (Iroquois). As the story goes Big Tree posed for the nose and forehead, two moons modeled for the cheek and chin and Two Moons for the hair and headdress. The other side of the Buffalo Nickel features a standing Buffalo. Technically, it is an American bison, not a buffalo, which is said to be the well-loved real-life Bison, Black Diamond, of the New York Bronx Zoo.

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Buffalo Nickels are the favorite coins among coin collectors. Over 1.2 billion Buffalo Nickels were minted in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver. Rare Buffalo Nickels in high grade include all the San Francisco coins from 1913 through 1928, with 1918, 1920 and 1924 through 1927 being the hardest to find. Denver coins are usually weaker strikes than San Francisco ones.

Because of the distinctive design and strong base of collectors,  Buffalo Nickel has hold its value well despite small size and base metal content.

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