Where to Buy Gold Buffalo Coins

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Gold Buffalo coins, a.k.a. American Buffalo gold coin, are highly coveted collector coins because of their beautiful, pristine designs as well as gold content guaranteed by the US government. The reasons behind why collectors seek out gold coins are quite diverse. Coin collectors often choose to invest their money in gold buffalo coins as well as other types of gold Bullion coins simply because the investment is far more promising than other, more risky investments. Other collectors like the tangibility of gold coins and prefer to have them as a type of golden nest egg which can be quickly converted to cash in times of dire need. Others simply want to add gold to their investment portfolio in order to combat the deflation facing the global economic turmoil.

Gold Buffalo coins can be purchased right on the Internet at the best prices with little hassle, comparing to the traditional local coin shops. Coin collectors can add gold buffalo coins to their ever-growing coin collections with relative ease. There are a number of excellent, reputable websites online offering coin collectors the opportunity to invest in gold buffalo coins. Online coin auction sites are definitely the best place to begin the shopping process for gold buffalo coins. At online coin auction sites, coin collector can instantly locate gold buffalo coins created in the years 2006, 2007, and 2008, silver Buffalo coins as well as older Buffalo Nickels that are presently being auctioned off by coin sellers online. All buffalo coins auctions are presented on a single website thereby saving the coin collector hours of research when seeking gold buffalo coins online.

At online coin auction sites, the collector can see full colored images of the buffalo coins for sale, the number of bids is instantly revealed, the going price for the gold buffalo coins is presented, and the time left on every auction is also supplied. Each entry in the live auctions is supplied with a detailed description of the coins in question, and the coin collector can carefully assess all gold coin offerings in a single virtual environment. Online auction sites also provide the ability to shop among proof gold coins and uncirculated gold coins too; each of the latter coin designs offer up specific looks in terms of their overall appearance.

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Slowing Sales for 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo

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The pace of sales for the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo has showed a constant, steep decline since sales began on October 29, 2009. The latest sales report shows 4,316 coins sold in the latest weekly sales period.

The total number of coins sold to date is now 32,271. This is comprised of 19,468 coins sold during the opening three days, then 8,487 coins sold during the following week, and 4,316 coins sold in the most recent week ending November 15.

It is common for the pace of sales for newly released US Mint products to decline significantly following their initial release. The Ultra High Relief Double Eagle showed an even steeper rate of decline following its release. After selling more than 40,000 coins in the opening 3 days, less than 5,000 coins were sold in the following two weeks. By the sixth week, less than 1,000 coins were sold in a week.

The 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo has been holding up better by comparison. Sales have been supported by the lack of household ordering limits and the general popularity of the Gold Buffalo series. Factors holding down the rate of sales include anticipated higher mintage and the relatively high price of the coin, which was just raised this week to $1,410.

In the long run, some collectors are hoping for a low mintage for the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo to support future premiums. It does seems likely that the 2009 mintage will fall below the level of the 2007 Proof Gold Buffalo which had 58,998 coins minted. It has already surpassed the low set by the one ounce 2008 Proof Gold Buffalo which was recently adjusted to 25,496 (unconfirmed).

Source: mintnewsblog.blogspot.com

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2001 Silver Buffalo Buying Guide

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silver-buffalo-coin2001 silver Buffalo coin is a strikingly beautiful commemorative coin. Commemorative coins are those coins issued to honor some American events, people, places or causes. Although commemorative coins have legal tender value, they are not released for regular circulation purpose. Commemorative coins are produced in limited quantity and only available for a limited time, making them especially popular among collectors or investors.

2001 silver Buffalo coin was issued to the public by the U.S. Mint on June 7, 2001. A total of half million silver Buffalo coins were minted and were sold out in three weeks. The silver Buffalo coin was minted to celebrate the opening of National Museum of American Indian of the Smithsonian Institution. The design of Silver Buffalo coin is a replica of the famous 1913 Buffalo Nickel by James Earle Fraser (1876-1953). The face side of the coin portrays a Native American Chief and the word “Liberty.” The back side design is an American bison standing on a mound of dirt, which many people believe is based on Black Diamond, a real-life buffalo of the New York Bronx Zoo. Bison has been closely linked to the lives of Native Americans, who hunted bison and used the carcass for everything from shelter and food to needles and cooking implements.

The 2001 silver Buffalo coin is 90% silver and 10% copper, with a face value of $1 US dollar. There are two versions of silver Buffalo coins. The Proof version is minted in Philadelphia, PA, with a “P” Mint Mark inscribed on the coin. The uncirculated version of silver Buffalo coin is minted in Denver, CO, with a “D” Mint Mark inscribed on the coin.

Because of a great demand of the 2001 silver Buffalo coins among collectors and investors, there are some counterfeits in the market selling as the real thing. Besides numerous differences in the coin appearances and details between the authentic and fake ones, you can also weight the coins, or check coin sizes and thickness. You can also subject it to the magnet test. A silver coin won’t be attracted to the magnet, but a fake steel coin would. Before you decide to purchase a silver Buffalo coin, remember to ask for a certificate of authenticity.

There are many sources to buy 2001 silver Buffalo coin today. can visit local coin shops, or order from mail catalogs. In my opinion, however, the best place to purchase silver Buffalo coin is online. The accessibility of the internet has made buying coins much easier than it ever was before. BuffaloCoin.com offer a wider selection and up-to-the-minute deals comparing to the traditional coin retail shops. Always remember to buy from a reputable seller when shopping silver Buffalo coin online. You can look up the sellers’ feedback scores, or carefully read the comments from previous customers to determine if the seller is reliable or not.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Buffalo 2006 Gold Coin

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In 2006, the U.S. Mint issued the modern version of American gold Buffalo coins in order to compete with the foreign 24-Karat gold coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf. Before the release of Buffalo 2006 gold coin, there were no American 24-Karat pure gold coins available for investors who need 0.9999 pure gold Bullion. So the Buffalo 2006 gold coin was an immediate success. Over 300,000 coins sold out that year, comparing to the total sales of around 200,000 American Gold Eagles. Here are some important things you need to know before buying Buffalo 2006 gold coins.

Buffalo 2006 gold coin features a distinctive American Design based on American sculptor James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Buffalo Nickel. The coin’s obverse side is the famous Indian Chief Head. An standing American Bison appears on the other side. Beneath the Buffalo’s head inscribed with the motto “In God We Trust.”

Although the coin has a legal tender value of $50, Buffalo 2006 gold coin is actually priced based on the gold content it contains plus a small premium as the gold Bullion coins. The 1 oz Buffalo gold coins appear in two versions, proof and uncirculated. Proof gold Buffalo coin is struck multiple times with a specially polished dies to produce an effect that highly detailed images seem to float above the field of the coin. Uncirculated old Buffalo coin is minted with a satiny finish and flashy appearance instead.

Buffalo 2006 gold coin specification:
Condition: Bullion
Face value: $50
Fineness: 0.9999
Weight: 31.108 g (1.0001 ounces)
Diameter: 32.70 mm (1.287 inches)
Thickness: 2.95 mm (0.116 inches)
Minted Year: 2006
Mint: West Point

As the first 24-karat pure gold Bullion coin produced by the US Mint, the gold content and purity of Buffalo 2006 gold coin are guaranteed by the US government. This helps Buffalo gold coin become one of the most popular gold Bullion in the world. Almost all gold dealers or stores are willing to buy and sell Buffalo 2006 gold coins, making them easily converted into cash should the need arise. This allows you to liquidate your asset very quickly when necessary, which is an important factor to take into consideration for gold investment.

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Buy $50 Gold Buffalo as A Safe Investment

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50 dollar american buffalo gold coin

50 dollar american buffalo gold coin

We now live in times of unstable economy. With the stock market plummeting and nationwide foreclosures hitting at an all-time high, gold has taken the place of stocks, shares bonds, real estates, and become the favorite investment option among prudent investors. Many seasoned investment experts recommend adding gold Bullion coins, such as $50 gold Buffalo coins (a.k.a 1-oz American Buffalo gold coin) and American gold Eagles, to one’s investment portfolio as a safer, long term investment against financial uncertainties.

Gold has been valued and cherished by peoples all over the word dated back to ancient times. European royal families and Asian Tycoons used to own a large amount of gold as a safer way to preserve wealth against deflation. Today gold is still considered a standard for monetary exchange in many countries. In the past five years, gold prices have more than doubled, rising from $400 to $970 today.

Gold coins are one of the most practical, yet effective ways to invest in gold, because they are easy to store and trade. $50 gold Buffalo coin contains exactly 1 ounce of 24-Karat pure gold, making it an ideal coin for investors. Although 1 oz gold Buffalo coin has a legal tender face value of $50, it is actually priced based on the gold content it contains plus a small premium. Since its inception, the $50 gold Buffalo coin has been carefully minted with uncompromising quality by the US Mint. The $50 Buffalo gold coin features classic American design, with a Bison on one side, and an Indian Chief Head on the other.

As America’s first 24-Karat pure gold Bullion coin, gold Buffalo coin’s gold weight and fineness are guaranteed by the US government. That’s why $50 gold Buffalo coins became an immediate success after being released to the public in 2006. All 323,000 gold Buffalo coins produced by the US Mint in 2006 were sold out that year, exceeding the total sales of American gold Eagles in the year 2006. I highly recommend you adding gold Buffalo coins to your investment portfolio as a safe investment.

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Why You Should Buy American Gold Buffalo Coins

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With the gold prices rising steadily over the past few years, more and more smart investors are turning to investing in gold against the declining US economy. After all, no other investment has the wealth preserving power as gold does. As a result, gold Bullion such as American gold Buffalo coins are considered as a safe investment.

So here are 4 reasons why you should invest in gold Buffalo coins now.

First, as stated previously, gold is one of the safest and most effective investment to preserve personal wealth during times of financial uncertainties and depressions.
With the recent economy turmoil and foreclosures are at an all-time high, seasoned investors have turned to gold as a safer investment alternative.

Secondly, for average Americans, the easiest way to physically own gold is to buy gold Bullion coins in order to protect their hard-earned money during recession. gold Bullion such as Buffalo coins are easier to store and trade than standard gold Bullion bars, because of their smaller denominations and sizes. In addition , gold coin is classified as a collectible, which means that profits are not taxed as capital gains but as ordinary income. Long-term capital gains are taxed at a 15% rate for those in the 15% bracket, but gold investments can be taxed at rates of up to 39.6%. Those considering putting their money into gold coins should consider what these rates might do to their returns.

Thirdly, American gold Buffalo coins are the first 24-karat pure gold bullion coin offered to the public by the US Mint. Before gold Buffalo coins issued in 2006, investors only had the option to purchase 22-karat gold coinages, because 24-karat gold is technically “softer” than 22-karat ones, and is harder to hold up to the rigors of circulation. US investors end up buying foreign 24-karat gold bullion such as the Canadian gold Maple leaf. So the US Mint released America’s first 24-karat gold Bullion coin, 2006 gold Buffalo coin, on June 22, 2006.

Last but not the least, each gold Buffalo coin’s gold content and purity are guaranteed by the U.S. government. American gold Buffalo coins must contain one troy ounce of 24 Karat gold (0.9999 fineness), making them not only recognized as America’s official investment-grade gold bullion, but widely accepted and traded all over the world. This allows you to sell gold Buffalo coins for cash easily should the need arise. As one of the highest quality, purest gold coins, gold Buffalo coins are the ideal coin to add to your investment portfolio.

To sum up, now is the time to invest in gold. American gold Buffalo coins offer a safe, yet effective way to protect your assets against the falling US dollar. Get in now, before gold prices get too high!

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Types of American Buffalo Gold Coin

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The first American Buffalo gold coin was issued by the US Mint in June 2006 under the 2005 Presidential $1 Coin Act. It was America’s first 24-karat pure gold coin with 0.9999 fineness. In the past, investors who want 99.99% pure gold, had to purchase foreign 24-karat gold coins. The available purest US gold Bullion coins back then were standard American gold Eagles with 0.9167 fineness gold content. The 2006 American gold Buffalo coin was an immediate success. Over 300,000 coins sold out in the year of 2006, comparing to the total sales of 201,500 American Gold Eagles, the world’s best selling gold bullion. The US Mint continued producing the American gold Buffalo coins in 2007 and 2008.

With a legal tender value of $50 US dollars, American Buffalo Gold Coin features almost the same design of the famous Buffalo Nickel from 1913 to 1938. Designed by the renowned American Sculptor James Earle Fraser, Buffalo gold coin portrays a Native American chief in the obverse side. The reverse side features an American bison on a mound of dirt, which is believed to be “Black Diamond,” a popular Bison of New York’s Bronx Zoo. Each coin is inscribed with “$50”, “1 OZ. .9999 Fine Gold,” “Liberty,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “In God We Trust.”

The 2006 and 2007 Buffalo gold coins have only been issued in 1 oz version. The US Mint also produces a proof version of American Buffalo gold coin, which features a very sharp degree of detail and mirror like surface after being struck multiple times. The US Mint issued 3 fractional sizes of Buffalo gold coin in 2008 besides the regular 1 oz American Buffalo gold coin, including 1/2 oz ($25 face value), 1/4 oz ($10 face value) and 1/10 oz ($5 face value) sizes. All American Buffalo gold coins are struck at the US Mint in West Point, NY. Only the proof version of the Buffalo gold coin bears the mint mark “W” on the obverse; the bullion version does not have the “W” mark.

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American Buffalo Gold Coin

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History of American Gold Buffalo Coin

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The history of American gold Buffalo coin went back to 1913, when the famous Buffalo Nickel was produced for the first time in history. Then Treasury Secretary Franklin MacVeagh hired Sculptor James Earle Fraser to design a new American Nickel. Produced in 1913 to 1938, Buffalo Nickel features an Indian chief on the obverse side, and a American Bison, not a Buffalo as commonly believed, standing on a mound of dirt on the other side. Soon after the Buffalo Nickel went into circulation, a problem occurred: the raised mound part wore away quickly. The design of later 1913 Buffalo Coins was modified to take off the raised mound part.

In 2005, Congress passed the Presidential $1Coin Act, which authorized the US Mint to issue a 1 oz 24-Karat gold Bullion coin. The legislation was quite specific, mandating the design of new .9999 fine gold coin: The coin “shall bear the original designs by James Earle Fraser, ‘which appear on the 5-cent coin commonly referred to as the ‘Buffalo nickel’ or the ‘1913 Type 1′.” In other words, the new coin should carry the famed 1913 Buffalo Nickels’ design by Fraser.

As a result, the American gold Buffalo coin was released to the public in 2006. Unlike previous American gold coins, American gold Buffalo coin was the first 0.9999 fine gold coin released by the US Mint. The coin was an immediate success. The US Mint sold a total of 323,000 coins in only seven months. By comparison, only 201,500 1 oz Gold Eagles, the world’s best selling gold bullion coins, were sold that year.

As the 2005 Presidential Coin Act mandated, the 2006 American gold Buffalo coin is almost a replica of the 1913 Buffalo Nickel.The face side of the Gold Buffalo coin features the American Indian chief and the word “Liberty.” The back side design is the same American bison standing on the mound. You will also see $50 1oz. .9999 FINE GOLD, and IN GOD WE TRUST inscribed on each gold Buffalo coin.

The US Mint continued producing the American gold Buffalo coins in 2007 and 2008. The coins are so popular among collectors and investors that, for a time in late 2008, the US Mint had to suspend sales because they could not keep up with demand.

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American Buffalo gold coin

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Why You Should Buy Proof Gold Buffalo Now

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What is Proof coin? Why are so many coin collectors and investors buying proof gold buffalo coins now? The term “Proof” means a specialized minting process. Each coin is struck multiple times with specially polished dies, so the highly detailed images seem to float above the field. Savvy coin buyers know a good value when they see one, and many are rushing to get their hands on as many proof gold buffalo coins as they can get.

There are a number of reasons why coin collectors are seeking out proof gold buffalo coins today. Since the onset of the recession and the significant decline in the US economy, the value of the gold buffalo coin has been increasing steadily along with the rising gold price. This gives the coin collector a steady investment which they can rely on. The price of gold keep rising and proof gold buffalo coins are made of 24 karat 99.99 percent gold. Gold is recession proof which has been proven during the economy crisis in the past centuries. The value of the proof gold buffalo coin will likely continue increasing which also makes such coins a worthwhile investment during the times of financial instability.

The amount of genuine proof gold buffalo coins created is limited and eventually the US mints will stop offering such coins. As of the fall of 2008, mints have stopped making the proof gold buffalo coins because meeting demand was becoming too overwhelming. It is still possible to get such coins from coin dealers both on and off the Internet however.

Each Proof gold Buffalo coin is guaranteed by the United States government for its gold content and purity, which has made proof gold Buffalo coins widely accepted and traded almost all over the world, along with the standard American gold Eagle series. You can quickly sell Proof gold Buffalo coins for cash which allows you liquidate your investment should the necessity rise.

Seeking out genuine gold coins can be tricky and coin collector need to be careful when hunting down Proof gold Buffalo coins. These proof coins possess a “W” on the front side of the coin which indicates that the coin is a proof edition. The proof editions are limited to 300,000 coins in all. Presently, proof coins in mint condition and which are un-circulated are valued at right around $950.00. This value is likely to increase as the years pass. If a coin collector is interested in purchasing a proof gold buffalo coin the sooner he or she does so, the better.

Proof Gold Buffalo

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What’s Buffalo Nickel Value Today?

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Neophyte coin collectors interested in finding out the buffalo nickel value will quickly discover that the actual value of a buffalo nickel depends upon the coin itself, such as the minted year and coin condition. The price tag of Buffalo Nickels ranges from $1 to over $20,000. Since Buffalo nickel value diminishes with the wear and tear on the coin, it is possible that some coin collector, upon first discovering a buffalo nickel believe that he may have a coin of considerable value, only to discover that the coin is not as worth as much as he estimated before.

Buffalo Nickels were produced from 1913 to 1938. The year the coin was created clearly affects the buffalo nickel value. The date should appear just below the neckline of the Native American’s profile on the front side of the coin. This positioning of the date causes the date to wear off with considerable circulation so the more the coin is circulated the lower the buffalo nickel value typically is. That being said, some buffalo nickel coins have dates that are nearly completely worn away. If the date is visible the coin is worth more: the clearer the date is the higher the value.

1937 Buffalo Nickel

Typically the buffalo nickel value falls between one dollars and ten dollars, again depending upon condition. The buffalo nickel value increase significantly if it is a rare version. Errors in a coin’s creation make the coin a rarity and it is therefore worth more money to the coin collector. For example, there are famous1937 buffalo nickels with buffalo’s possessing only three legs (an error which became present while the coin was made) which proves to have a fairly high value. One can get a considerable price for such a coin: anywhere from $40 to $11,000.

The actual condition of the coin also plays a role in determining the Buffalo nickel value. Finding coins which have the best conditions, few scratches, easily definable features, and good tone and quality are key if looking to get the most value out of a buffalo nickel. Consideration of what mint cast the coin and the actual dating of the coin also play a role in what a coin will be worth.

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