Slowing Sales for 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo

The pace of sales for the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo has showed a constant, steep decline since sales began on October 29, 2009. The latest sales report shows 4,316 coins sold in the latest weekly sales period.

The total number of coins sold to date is now 32,271. This is comprised of 19,468 coins sold during the opening three days, then 8,487 coins sold during the following week, and 4,316 coins sold in the most recent week ending November 15.

It is common for the pace of sales for newly released US Mint products to decline significantly following their initial release. The Ultra High Relief Double Eagle showed an even steeper rate of decline following its release. After selling more than 40,000 coins in the opening 3 days, less than 5,000 coins were sold in the following two weeks. By the sixth week, less than 1,000 coins were sold in a week.

The 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo has been holding up better by comparison. Sales have been supported by the lack of household ordering limits and the general popularity of the Gold Buffalo series. Factors holding down the rate of sales include anticipated higher mintage and the relatively high price of the coin, which was just raised this week to $1,410.

In the long run, some collectors are hoping for a low mintage for the 2009 Proof Gold Buffalo to support future premiums. It does seems likely that the 2009 mintage will fall below the level of the 2007 Proof Gold Buffalo which had 58,998 coins minted. It has already surpassed the low set by the one ounce 2008 Proof Gold Buffalo which was recently adjusted to 25,496 (unconfirmed).


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