Hot Gold Coins for 2009

Written by admin on February 11, 2009 – 7:58 pm -

Gold coin investors are celebrating the soaring gold prices that have been seen in past years. For the year 2009, gold coin collecting trend will remain strong. With the world economy in turmoil, gold investment is the safest yet most effective way to protect ones' assets during uncertain financial times. American gold Buffalo coin, American gold eagle, South African gold Krugerrand and Mexican 50 gold Pesos are the hottest items among seasoned gold investors and collectors.

Gold Buffalo coin, as the first 24-karat gold Bullion coin released by the United States Mint, has become one of the popular collection items among gold coin investors since the coin went for sale on the market back in 2006. So far, 663,015 American Buffalo gold coins have been sold since 2006 (2006 gold Buffalo coin: 337,012; 2007 gold Buffalo coin: 136,503; 2008 gold Buffalo coin: 189,500). The gold Buffalo coins are so popular, that all 2008 American Buffalo Gold Uncirculated coins for collectors have sold out, according to the United States Mint online store last December.

Gold Coins Trend

South African gold Krugerrand and Mexican 50 gold Pesos will also continue being the popular options for gold coin investors, because of small markups over spot. Both gold Krugerrand and Mexican 50 Peso gold coin carry small premiums. This means these coins cost less per ounce than the standard American Eagle Gold Bullion and thus give you more gold for your money.

In addition, gold coins with rara date as well as early gold coins are expected to go strong through 2009. The better they look, the higher their value.

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