Why Invest in American Buffalo Gold Coin

The American buffalo coin has a history that goes back to as far as the year 1913 when it was first produced by the US Mint. Just three years ago, the American buffalo coin saw an end to its mass production, but a coin very similar to its design came into being: the American buffalo gold coin. The American buffalo gold coin is created by the US mint, consists of 24 karat gold, and was first produced in the summer of 2006. People are choosing to make an investment in these stunning coins, not only because of their striking designs, but because they contain pure gold.

The American buffalo gold coin has an obverse side which presents the striking and sharp profile of a Native American Indian; the date of the coins creation is seen in the neckline of the profile, and the word “LIBERTY” appears in an arc in the upper right hand side of the obverse presentation of this coin. The reverse side of the American buffalo gold coin depicts a highly detailed American Buffalo with the numeration of $50.00 and the words “.9999 1 OZ. Pure Gold,” marked at the bottommost part of the reverse side of this coin. The uppermost part of the coin reveals the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” as well as “E Pluribus Unum,” which literally translated comes to mean, “Out of one, many.” Uncirculated versions of the American buffalo gold coin have been severely limited in terms of production: only 300 thousand of these coins have been created and they are therefore among the most coveted types of buffalo gold coins presently available.

The American buffalo gold coin was made specifically to gain the attentions of avid coin collectors; the government sought to appeal to coin collectors seeking other gold coins from other parts of the world and therefore purposefully had the buffalo gold coin designed. These coins are not only amazingly crafted, but they will continue to increase substantially in value over time. Adding these coins to a collection not only serves as a wise investment, but proves to be a more than satisfying endeavor for the coin enthusiast.

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